Would you believe that these things actually exist? My question is why, but apparently for some people who wear cowboy boots this is a must have.

I am not sure how often people wear cowboy boots in this area, so this product would be nonsensical, but when I lived in Kansas I think I was the only person on the planet that was not wearing cowboy boots. But I am not so sure any of the people I knew would strap these on.

When you are wearing sandals or flip flops it is usually done with shorts, a dress or skirt, so not only are your feet cool, but so are your legs. So, with this fashion mistake your feet are cool but your calves are in a hot leather tube. Again I don't get it.

This news story  below is hilarious from USA today and the headline The "Mullet" of footwear....the best. But, in case you may want a pair for yourself or someone you love Click Here.