I remember as a kid getting Cracker Jack and ripping open the box as fast as possible digging for the prize. I did not even eat it, just wanted what little plastic nugget was waiting for me. Well, those days are gone.

I am not really sure how popular Cracker Jack even is anymore, but as a kid the cruddy prize in a box of anything was the best. I was also the one that would open the new box of cereal to get the prize before my siblings.

After a stern warning from my Mom I realized sticking my grubby hand into the bottom of the cereal box was gross, so  I then opted to dump it out in a bowl first before I hunted for the prize. But times are changing and the digital age has now arrived for this 125 year old snack. Now when you open the box you will be the lucky winner of a sticker with a code on it.

This code will give customers the chance to play baseball themed games on their phone, which I am guessing is on some type of app. Well maybe this is what future kids will expect instead of a little plastic toy that ended up in the garbage within 5 minutes anyway. Now I still am waiting patiently for flying cars.