If you are a fan of roller coasters here is a taste of what is being hailed as the largest of any winged roller coasters......."THE GATEKEEPER"  debuting in May of 2013  at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. But, if you want a total thrill, a road trip is definitely in order.

I, as most of you know, have horrible motion sickness so I will not be tagging along to go on this ride. It is so bad that I can't sit in the back seat of a car without getting sick. Their are even some hills in Duluth that when I go down fast enough my stomach jumps and I feel Like I am going to barf. Nice right?

This animated video is ridiculous, I had to stop watching it because it was making me sick and looks so real. So her is a taste of  THE GATEKEEPER...enjoy.