I guess when you are  Miley  Cyrus, the fame and the money isn't enough for you to survive. Lucky for her the International Bowling Hall Of Fame has given her a reason to brag once again.

Beating out Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, and everyone's favorite male teen ager Justin Bieber ( who came in 2nd for the 2nd year in a row ) Not sure if Cyrus was awarded a shiny new ball with her name on it with a matching Prada bag, but good luck next year Bieber.

Last month (Jul11) officials at the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) gave the public the chance to vote for their favourite celebrity bowler, with names including Kardashian, Bieber, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and Jeff Bridges.

And now Hannah Montana star Cyrus has been named as the winner, after securing 42 per cent of the votes. Meanwhile, Bieber lost out after landing in the number two slot for the second consecutive year.

via new! Magazine: If it's hot, it's here :: Latest News :: Cyrus inducted into bowling Hall of Fame.