Dear Metrodome,

Thanks for the great memories, NFL games, regular and playoff, baseball games, including two World Series and various other events, but now the end of your life has come, and I have to be honest, I'm not sad to see you go.

When I first visited you as a child, I'll admit that I was amazed by your size and your unique  inflatable roof, but that amazement gradually wore off the more hours I spent inside of you waiting in line to take a pee, I shouldn't have to miss a quarter of a football game, just to do the most basic of human activities.

I spent the majority of my childhood coming to you watching the Twins, my Mom would often get tickets from a co-worker who had season tickets, and she would take me, and we would have a great time. I will say that I learned a lot of new and interesting words while visiting you, and often those words, when repeated would get me in trouble, thanks dome.

One of the most amazing times I had visiting you was when the Twins were in the World Series, my Grandpa took me to game six of the 1987 series, sitting in the outfield I got to watch my favorite Twin Kirby Puckket play in his prime and I waved my homer hankie proudly as the Twins won that game and secured a game seven and their first world championship.

As I got older and realized how dumb it was to sit inside during a rare nice summer day in Minnesota to watch a mediocre baseball team play, so I became more of a Vikings fan, much better to tailgate when it's -8 outside, right?

The Vikings memories are great, lots of great friends, great players and games, but when you hosted Vikings games, they were crowded, crowded and crowded, I always felt like a sardine in a can, whether I was in a seat or walking the concourses, I never felt comfortable, I couldn't wait to leave you after every game.

As I sit here now inside the press box for the final Vikings games, I do have incredibly fond memories here, and I thank you for those, but the end is near my concrete and Teflon friend, RIP and I look forward to your replacement.