The cable channel AMC and Dish Network aren't getting along very well these days, so much so that Dish Network has said it will pull AMC and the other network's that it operates including IFC, WE tv and the Sundance Channel as soon as the end of June when the current contract ends.

This all stems from a lawsuit between Dish and HD network VOOM, which is an indirect subsidiary of AMC and is no longer around, but the lawsuit is and so are the bad feelings, because after a judge ruled in favor of VOOM recently sending the lawsuit into a costly trial, Dish fired back by announcing it was pulling AMC from its line-up.

Dish claims the decision to pull AMC had nothing to do with the lawsuit but rather with their "low viewership".  Yeah right, wink wink. 'The Walking Dead' is the highest-rated drama ever among 18- to 49-year-olds on cable, so saying they have "low viewership" is a stretch to say the least.

We'll see how this feud ends, I'm sure they will come to an agreement, but if they don't you'll be able to watch your favorite AMC show via, iTunes or Netflix.

[via NYT]