I am the first to admit that I have a brown thumb. I even look at a plant and it dies....But, I had to do something to replace the dead bushes in the front yard.

When we bought the house almost five years ago, it was so beautiful  a professional landscaping job, except for 2 sickly bushes. We had them replaced and they died too. Is this a bad spot you may ask? Well we will find out. This past weekend I went and bought two lilac bushes and much to my dismay planted them in the front of the house. It would not have been that bad if we did not have rocks covering the entire ground. So, moved the rocks and proceeded to dig....boy did I dig. The hole would have been fine for a 20 foot pine tree, but not this little shrub.  Live and learn, after swatting away a million bugs I did it. Fingers crossed now, since my whole family has said they doubt they will survive. C' mon plants give me one little taste of success when it comes to trying to nurture and care for a plant or shrub. Stay tuned.