Awww poor Jayden, Bad doggie. We all have had this experience from our dogs. You come home after a long day at work, and here we go a mess on the floor. Ughhhh.

Our dog Lucy actually pouts. If she ever gets in trouble she strolls right into her kennel and has a sad face, sometimes for an hour at a time. Their is nothing funnier then a dog who gets busted and knows it.

Lately we have had a few accidents appear when we got up in the morning, namely a dog bomb on the floor. As the human, you have to understand that with no access to go outside without a someone to let them out this will happen. But pooping on the bathroom floor? That is funny. Learning from example I guess? ....Well, close enough, but our dog can't reach the toilet.

Now, If only dogs could learn from these experiences , and  our kids could break the habit of slamming doors when they get a stern talking to, we would have it made. :)