With this past snowfall it caused some nightmare situations for humans and animals alike. I can relate to trying to accommodate access to the great outdoors for our four legged friends as well.

If you are a dog lover, you will get a kick out of this super cute dog trying to run through the snow, and of course he keeps going back for more. Yes, we lucked out with only around 6 inches of snow in the Northland unlike on the East Coast, but If you have little dogs it might as well have been 30.

When we adopted our Chihuahua  mix puppy this summer we were concerned how she would handle going outside in the winter. She actually has been quite the trooper for the most part but I do have to shovel a path for her to have access to go to the bathroom. Same with our Shih tzu who loved hopping in the snow like a bunny until her recent haircut.

So, help out your dogs, it's bad enough that you have to go outside to go to the bathroom when it is 8 degrees outside, but having to try and do your business in a snow bank...C'Mon.