You would think that I would have learned by now, when a label says "Dry Clean Only" I would heed the warning.

Well, much to my dismay I decided to wash my new down jacket myself, instead of bringing it to the dry cleaner. For any of you that own anything down filled when the feathers shift, it can be all bad.  That is the case with me. Now a down blanket  you can deal with an occasional lump, but a jacket...not so much.  I noticed the displaced feathers on my way to work today when I sat down in the car, and I thought my seat belt was bunched up in my shoulder. Nope, it was the feathers of my coat.  Bummer,  I love this jacket so, now all I can hope for is an early Spring so that I can get rid of this jacket or ,better yet maybe give  it to someone who does not mind the extra lumps!