For all of us the price of food in general seems to have skyrocketed, and if you go out to eat with your family be prepared to pay a premium, so what do you think a bill would be at a restaurant for 23 people?

In case you are not familiar with the Duggar Family apparently this couple is going for a world record on how many kids they have which is 19 and counting as of right now. Yes 19 kids who are all part of their reality show on TLC. Apparently the family made a pit stop in New York City recently and 23 strong went in to get a burger.

Thankfully the show pays pretty well, along with their very frugal lifestyle, but the bill was still enormous at $614, even with 6 of the kids qualifying for the kids meals. That type of bill makes me shudder.

With 2 teenage boys in our house who are bottomless pits even when we go and get fast food it breaks the bank. No more kids meals for them, and even the biggest combo meals they can get are not enough to satisfy them. Kind of makes me think I should bust out a garden this summer.

On the other hand, I still have not even taken my topsy turvy out of the box yet and I have had it for 2 years. Yes, I am no Farmer Ted that is for sure. So we plug away at our monthly food budget, and all the kids know going out to eat is a rare treat as a family, If not I would have to probably wash dishes to pay off the remainder of the bill.