The Halloween costume shopping season has officially begun and ladies know that the only costume options available are either sexy or sexy....there is no inbetween for women's costumes. So I figure if you can't beat them, join them! So instead of your standard Duluth inspired costume ideas, I present sexy Duluth inspired costumes.

  • 1

    Sexy Lift Bridge

    Nothing says sexy than a costume featuring Duluth's most recognizable landmark, the Aerial Lift Bridge. The iconic landmark will stun and amaze halloween partygoers as you strut around the party as a 100 ton steel bridge, SEXY!

    Tony Hart - TSM -
  • 2

    Sexy Lake Superior

    Make everyone at your halloween party gush with envy at your ingenious costume idea, Lake Superior! Get your Gitchigoomee on by dressing as the world's third-largest freshwater lake.

    Tony Hart - TSM -
  • 3

    Sexy William A. Irvin

    People at your halloween party will be saying "holy ship" all night long as you shake your lake freighter as one of Duluth's top tourist attractions, the William A. Irvin.

    Tony Hart - TSM -
  • 4

    Sexy Enger Tower

    Get your halloween party rockin' with this sexy version of Duluth's Enger Tower, which was dedicated by Crown Princess Martha of Norway in 1939,  this sexy costume will make you feel like a stone cold Princess parading around in this leggy landmark.

    Tony Hart - TSM
  • 5

    Sexy 148th F-16CM “Fighting Falcon”

    Fly high at your halloween party as Duluth's pride and joy, the 148th Fighter Wing. Team this fighter up with some fishnets and you'll be blowing (up) minds in every direction.

    Tony Hart - TSM - eBay