Duluth has a lot of accolades locals are proud of, including being named "Best Outdoor Town" in the country last year. To go along with that, a health website has given the Zenith City another title some may be proud of, while many others will be ashamed of. MSN Health & Fitness recently published their list of the "drunkest cities" in each state, based on CDC data and other information. Their findings labeled Minnesota's half of the Twin Ports the 'sauciest' of all Minnesota towns.

The data MSN Health & Fitness offered included 20.7% of Duluth residents reporting an excessive drinking habit, which sits a little higher than the state average of 19.3%. Both of these numbers are above the national number of 15%. The data they collected also suggests that while there is a higher than normal number of people that admit to binge drinking, the poor health consequences that can come with that are the lowest of any state in the country. So, while Duluthians have a bit of a drinking problem, apparently they do it in a "healthy" way.

One other statistic from their report that is rather sobering is the percentage of driving deaths attributed to alcohol. They report the number is 42.1% of all driving deaths being related to alcohol. It's been said millions of times, but don't drink and drive. Any number above zero is too high in this category.

What about Wisconsin?

How do things fair on the other side of the border? Appleton, Wisconsin takes the "prize" for drunkest city in the Badger State. Appleton's number of admitted binge/heavy drinkers is a staggering 29.8%, above the state average of 24.4%. Compare that to Minnesota, and the state averages for Wisconsin are higher in both categories. The reported driving deaths is lower in Appleton, however, with 34.6% of all driving-related deaths tied to alcohol. Again, any is too many in this category. Don't drink and drive.