Duluth Mayor Don Ness took a different path in presenting his 2013 State of the City Address. Rather than standing in front of a podium, in front of a small crowd and a few cameras, Mayor Ness took a camera of his own around the city to highlight where the city is and his vision for the future.

In the video (see below), Ness looks back at the triumphs and trials of 2012, including the devastating flooding of June, landing some major companies to call Duluth home, and how Duluth has remained pretty resilient in a weak economy. Ness also offered his vision of the future, exploring future growth and development, as well as improvements to various parts of the city.

Beside being broadcast on TV, the Mayor also held a viewing party at Clyde Ironworks for the presentation. Ness's reason for the unorthodox presentation of his address was to reach a bigger audience and offer new tools in presenting his speech.

Watch Don Ness's 2013 State of the City Address