When life throws you lemons...well, you know the rest. When life deflates your football stadium roof, why not make the most of the situation? Duluth Pack has created a line of handbags that use material from the Metrodome roof after it collapsed roughly three years ago.

The bags, called "domer packs" use the roof fabric and leather to construct sharp-looking memorabilia that not only will hold your belongings, but will stand forever as a reminder of the December 12, 2010 snowstorm that collapsed the Metrodome roof. The bags come in two styles, a deluxe shell bag and medium sportsman's duffel.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of these bags, they are officially being unveiled at the Duluth Pack booth in the Dairy Building at the Minnesota State Fair on August 22, but they are also available on the Duluth Pack website, according to an announcement on the company's Facebook page.

Domer Medium Sportsman's Duffel - $485

Duluth Pack

Domer Deluxe Shell Bag - $160

Duluth Pack