Officer Ron Tinsley from the Duluth Police Department recently joined our Morning Show on Mix 108 for a new weekly segment called "Ask a Cop" every Tuesday morning at 8:35am. The Topic this morning was distracted driving.

According to Officer Tinsley the age group most at risk for accidents due to distracted driving is under age 20, so for all of us that have kids that drive this is a scary statistic, but we are all culprits of doing this in one degree or another. Below is a sobering reminder of actual accidents that occurred due to distracted driving. It is not just from smart phones either, so pay attention, that text or update can wait.

Thank you to all the men and women of law enforcement who work so diligently to try and enforce this policy, to keep us all safe on the roads. Remember if you have a question for Officer Tinsley you can always submit a question at or call in live during the program at 740-2649.