Looking for movie showtimes and how to find the movie theater closes to you? Check out our list:

Marcus Duluth Cinema

300 Harbor Drive, Duluth, MN

(218) 729-0335

Located in Canal Park at the DECC, it's Duluth's most state of the art theater.


Marcus Lakes Cinema

4351 Stebner Road,

Hermantown, MN

(218) 729-0335

For everyone "on top of the hill" this might be your theater located just outside of Duluth in Hermantown.


Marcus Superior Cinema

69 North 28th Street East

Superior, WI

(218) 729-0335

Located in the Mariner Mall, this smaller theater is  perfect for avoiding the big crowds, for a quick in and our movie experience.


Zinema 2

222 E. Superior Street,

Duluth, MN

(218) 722-7300

Zinema 2 invites you to catch the latest in feature, documentary, and special events such as: silent films with live scores, and brunch/movie and dinner/movie collaborations with the Zeitgeist Arts Café.