Looking for movie showtimes and how to find the movie theater closes to you? Check out our list:

300 Harbor Drive, Duluth, MN

(218) 729-0335

Located in Canal Park at the DECC, it's Duluth's most state of the art theater.


4351 Stebner Road,

Hermantown, MN

(218) 729-0335

For everyone "on top of the hill" this might be your theater located just outside of Duluth in Hermantown.


69 North 28th Street East

Superior, WI

(218) 729-0335

Located in the Mariner Mall, this smaller theater is  perfect for avoiding the big crowds, for a quick in and our movie experience.


222 E. Superior Street,

Duluth, MN

(218) 722-7300

Zinema 2 invites you to catch the latest in feature, documentary, and special events such as: silent films with live scores, and brunch/movie and dinner/movie collaborations with the Zeitgeist Arts Café.