Even for winter enthusiasts, this has felt like a worse winter than most. Extreme cold, marked with plenty of snowstorms has made many wish for warmer days and hope for snowbanks to start to shrink. Those snowstorms have pushed us into the record books for this season, hitting a major milestone Thursday.

At the end of yesterday's (March 27) storm, the National Weather Service has tallied 104.7 inches of snowfall at the Duluth Airport, which is their official measurement location for the sake of recordkeeping. As we passed the century mark on the snowfall measurements for this season, we've landed at #14 all-time for snowiest winters in Duluth.

Unfortunately, the fact that we passed the 100 inch mark doesn't mean Mother Nature is going to pack things up for the season and move on to spring. A couple more inches are expected today, and there is another storm on the horizon for Monday that looks to bring a significant amount of snow to wrap up the month of March.

The all-time snowiest winter for Duluth was the 1995-1996 season, where we saw 135.4 inches of snow. Not far behind that was last winter, where we had 129.4 inches. As the meter keeps spinning, we keep working our way up the list on snowiest winters ever. How far will we go? Stay tuned.