After a funding campaign and subsequent production, the pilot episode of 'Old Lifty' is set to debut this week. The web-based sitcom's concept pilot will be screened at Zeitgeist Cinema in Downtown Duluth at 5:30 pm on Thursday night (May 5) with a reception celebration.

The folks at Minnesota Brown caught a pre-screening; and report that the episode (which is just shy of 15 minutes) is truly a concept pilot piece, designed to market the characters and show concept, and not really deliver a specific plot.

As the show's Facebook page explains, the comedic series is centered on the story of Karleen Anderson, a young profession who returns to Duluth (her hometown) after some time away in the "rat race" of the big city. She lands a job as a Lift Bridge Operator and re-adjusts to life back in Northern Minnesota.

One of the exciting things about this series for many is the fact that the entire production of the series is wholly Minnesota-based. The actors, writers, and production team are all from the region, which should add a level of authenticity locals can appreciate.

For those that can't make the premiere and want to see the pilot episode, Old Lifty's Facebook page says the series will "be released at a later date". (See below)