Well, it's done!  I'm a Minnesotant moving to Wisconsin.  Aside from brief stints away with the military, I've called Minnesota home since I was born.

I have so many mixed feelings about moving to the "other" side of the bridge.  I love the fact that the name of the city I'm moving to has a certain "superiority" over others, free garbage pick up, and flat roads.  I love cheese, and I'm excited to do more exploring in Pattison Park and Amnicon Falls and being that much closer to an Anchor burger.

However, now I have to get a new drivers license, license plates, and how in the world do I file taxes?   And I don't care what you say, I'm still a Vikings fan.  

I love the Twin Ports in general.  There are so many things to see and do in both Duluth and Superior we may take for granted because we are surrounded by them daily.  One may argue that one is better than the other.  So here's where you chime in.  Park Point or Wisconsin Point?  Hills or flat land?  Glensheen or Fairlawn Mansion?

Which city, do you think, wins the Duluth Vs. Superior battle? And why?

Remember kids, this is all in good fun. :)