When talking about the Minnesota Vikings, NFL analyst Elliot Harrison gives our beautiful city a little shout out.

Imagine it's five years ago and you hop on YouTube ... Instead of watching "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" or "Rawhead Rex," you take in some 2011 Manchester United highlights. You live in, uhh, let's say Duluth, Minnesota. And you think, Damn, that Premier League soccer looks rad! So you try out for a soccer club over in chi-chi Edina. Five years pass, and here you are, about to play for Manchester United. #MoritzBoehringer

Oh and if you're wondering, the Vikings are currently sitting at the number 9 spot with some high hopes for the German rookie. While the season hasn't even started yet, I hope we're not jumping the gun or jinxing the Vikes. But our draft class did seem pretty legit. Here's to a hopeful season! See the full list of the NFL power rankings here.