Vikre Distillery in Duluth has been voted the best Specialty Spirits Distillery in a poll on 10Best USA Today. 

Vikre Distillery is located in Canal Park and makes gin, whiskey, aquavit, and vodka. It was one of two Minnesota distilleries in the voting and placed at top of the list.

Here's the top 10 from USA Today:

  1. Vikre Distillery - Duluth, MN
  2. Headframe Spirits - Butte, MT
  3. Huber's Starlight Distillery - Starlight, IN
  4. Black Button Distilling - Rochester, NY
  5. Copper & Kings - Louisville, KY
  6. Tattersall Distilling - Minneapolis, MN
  7. Tamworth Distilling - Tamworth, NH
  8. Las Vegas Distillery - Henderson, NV
  9. Rhine Hall - Chicago, IL
  10. Feisty Spirits - Fort Collins, CO

I'm pretty sure the clean waters of Lake Superior helped make the spirits, superior. If I had sunglasses, I would've put them on after that terrible joke and walked away. In all seriousness, I've had their gin before and it's wonderful. Congrats Vikre! Keep up and the good work and way to make our wonderful city proud!