With the first big snow storm under our belt, I came across this list and could not stop laughing, because it is so true. This applies to Wisconsin too.

This hilarious article comes from our friends at CityPages in the Twin Cities, which is a free magazine that helps many of us stay on top of what is happening in Twin Towns. I am not gonna lie it was such a hassle in the winter when I lived in Minneapolis. Parking was a huge issue and a major pain, plus try getting around with around 300,000 other people at the same time, was awful! Below is a few of my favorites and I added one my of my own as well:

1.) Forget how to drive: With the hundreds of fender benders across the state yesterday the proof is in the pudding, remember just because you have 4 wheel drive does not mean you can speed on icy roads!

2.) Order delivery and then don't tip: Don't be a jerk, you make that poor delivery person risk life and limb to bring you your food, tip extra well this time!

3.) Ride a bike: I saw 3 people yesterday doing this at the height of the storm and they were just regular Mountain Bikes, not the fat tires that are made for winter. Now I understand that for some this is their sole means of transportation, but during a blizzard take the bus, catch a cab or try to get a ride! Safety first.

4.) GO FOR A JOG: This is my little gem,  I saw a woman running yesterday again during the height of the storm, as everyone else is white knuckling it just trying to get home. She was bouncing through the snow like a bunny, with not a care in the world. That is one die hard runner!

What is your biggest peeve when it snows? Leave your comment below.