In the first round you have the speedy Duluth East Greyhounds facing off against the axe swinging Cloquet Lumberjacks. Which school do you think has the best team name?

East Greyhounds: In 1927 when East High school was built, it was called "one of the most beautiful and delightfully situated schools in the Northwest." by the Chicago Tribune. The students at east chose the school mascot to be the greyhound with the colors of red and grey. They are in a new building now, but have kept the name and the colors.

Cloquet Lumberjacks: Cloquet is a lumber town where people would come from all over to pick up lumber and wood products. The name was born out of that history and according to activities director Tom Lenarz there is even an island by the river where lumberjacks used to live in tents while they worked along the river.

Share with all your classmates and vote below on which school should move on to the next round and get that much closer to be crowned the best team name in the area. You can vote once per hour and voting closes on Friday at noon. Show your school pride!

*UPDATE - With a whopping 70% of the vote in this rival hockey battle, the Lumberjacks swung their mighty ax down on the Greyhounds becoming that much closer to being crowned the best area high school team name.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth