My daughter Rose is always bringing home various art projects, drawings, coloring book pages and more, which I love, but where to put them all? 

I found this idea on Pinterest last year, but finally got the supplies this last week and put in all together, and I think it turned out great!

I got two DIGNITET Curtain wires from IKEA, and a package of RIKTIG Curtain hooks with clips, I measured the area and installed the wires, the wires can be cut down to whatever size you need.

The installation of the wires was easy, but be sure that you install them straight, one of mine was about a quarter inch off, and it was really noticeable, so I uninstalled, patched and painted the holes and started over, so pay close attention to that, you'll thank me later.

I used my Cricut Explore to cut a vinyl decal and applied that to the wall to finish the look; you can custom order something similar on Etsy or other sites, or just go without.