Hip-hop fans are quite familiar with the beginning of Eminem's single "Cleaning Out My Closet." The opening line of "Where's my snare? I have no snare in my headphones" is recognized by even a casual Slim Shady listener. But Em didn't kick the track off that way because he wanted a cool line to use. In fact, he actually couldn't hear his snare.

"This was true," Eminem wrote while annotating the line on Genius. "I was recording and couldn’t hear the snare, the engineer had it muted for some reason. I left it."

Eminem has made some annotations on Genius before and it makes sense that he's getting more involved in the lyric site. The Shady Records boss became an investor in the site last November.

"Coming up we would always obsess over the lyrics from our favorite MCs. Picking everything apart, trying to get into their heads,” Eminem said in a statement at the time. “I still do that today and Genius helps to make it a worldwide conversation. Pretty amazing to me.”

In other news, Eminem is planning to re-release his Slim Shady LP on cassette. The Detroit rapper made the announcement on March 4 as he hyped up the impending reissue. The release will come with a t-shirt and possibly some other exclusive merchandise. This is one that the diehard fans will surely want to pick up.

Eminem's also been keeping fans on their toes as he unveils some surprises as live shows. During his performance at Lollapalooza Brazil 2016, Shady performed "Fack" for the very first time. It appears that these days, Em is more than willing to sneak some hidden gems into his live show instead of simply running through the hits.

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