I think it is pretty safe to say that If you live in Minnesota and you get the notice in the mail, or you happen to glance down at your plates and see your tabs are ready to expire you let out a big NOOOOOO!

Well, unless your car is 11 years old or older then you don't care because your tabs are super cheap. I don't why I get so worked up about how much tabs are in Minnesota, but I do. I think for me the timing is always the worst, and for me my tabs are up this month so it is a super sore spot to me.

I lease my vehicle and this is year 1,my tabs are $206 and I don't even drive that expensive of a car. I never got a notice in the mail but I was able to look up the information and pay for my tabs online ! This is a great resource for not only tabs, but plates and drivers license as well.  Just remember this rule, you must purchase your tabs by the last day of the month and have them displayed on your plates by the 10th day of the following month.

I know so many people who have gone and gotten their new tabs, and left them in the car, got pulled over and gotten a ticket. If you go through the process and expense of getting them, put them on right after your leave the DMV. Even if it is 50 below zero, just do it. So I guess in hindsight, I am happy that at least the weather is somewhat nicer for me to slap those budget busting stickers on!