The time has come for both of our boy's to have gotten cell phones. Our oldest had one a while ago for 3 months before his cousin tackled him and it landed in a puddle...yep so much for that phone.

Now it is a right of passage for kids to get a cell phones, and I must admit that it is nice to be able to reach them at anytime. We are worried that they will lose it or break it right away, Thank God for Insurance, but it is more of knowing that this is just the next step into them becoming young adults and learning responsibility. We have heard....daily... how they are the only ones in the whole school with out a phone, but we felt that we needed to wait and see if they could handle it. Well it has been day 2, phones are not lost and still intact....well let's see by the time i get home....fingers crossed.  It's true kids do say the darnedest things...and I have to laugh at times when they blurt out the exact same things I used to say to my parents....Especially when I wanted something.