If you are an expectant parent, there is a new to-do that you must consider, although this to-do isn't nearly as important as making sure you have enough diapers for the first week, but it certainly makes the top ten list. What am I talking about? Newborn photos of course!

In the first few months of life your new bundle of joy will nearly double in size, or at least it will feel like it. When they grow so fast it is hard to remember just how small they used to be, the only sign of just how fast time flies is when you are packing away those newborn sleepers and shedding a small tear for the tiny baby that used to ball up on your chest. Being a photographer, I am naturally an advocate of preserving those memories. In my mind, newborn photography is a must on the to do list of preserving memories. I see newborn photography just as important as your wedding day photos!

Newborn photography has truly taken new life when you compare it to newborn photography from twenty years ago. No longer is a baby dressed up in the frilliest dress possible and put into a stiff pose. Today, photographers work to capture the little details of a newborn through creative poses, like the sleeping baby. These poses capture just how small your baby is, and just how precious your moments are. Newborn photographs capture those tiny memories that will last a lifetime.

At our studio, in addition to these creative poses of the tiny newborn details, we also like to capture more photo-journalistic moments and document the interactions between the family and baby. Whether that is the first day of life at the hospital or the first month of life at home with your family ... natural moments are what we love to capture most.

Now, I may be going off on a tangent here but hear me out. I cringe, absolutely cringe when I notice how many parents are documenting their children's lives through their cell phone camera. Sure, it's quick and easy and it gets the job done, to an extent, investing in professional photographs of your child is a must.

What regrets will you have twenty-five years from now when all you can find is tiny cell phone images of your child to display at their wedding? No matter how good technology gets, a cell phone will never compare to a professional camera. So, whether you just invest in newborn photos or you dedicate to professional photos every three months of your child consider the importance of those memories printed on paper (and on a disk, online, canvas, memory book, etc... okay that's an overkill but you get the gist right?).

In summary, what do you need to do to get newborn photos of your upcoming child? First, find a qualified professional photographer whose style you love. The photographer should have expert experience in newborn photography as newborn photography is best left to qualified photographers. Safety should be the photographers number one priority.

Scheduling should be done well in advance and not after your child is born. Schedule your session within the first 10 days of life for posed sessions.

Photojournalist sessions may be done within the first month of life. At our studio, we schedule a session for one week before and one week after the mother's due date to insure openings for whenever the new baby makes their debut. So, make sure if you are expecting,  put another "to do" on your list, schedule a newborn photo session! Then, don't forget to check back here for part II of our newborn photography series, detailing birth story photography.

This helpful guide was sponsored by LaCoursiere Photography specializes in wedding, newborn, and birth story photography. They work to tell a story though photography in a natural and beautiful way that is personalized to each client differently. Currently, they are scheduling 2-4 months in advance for newborn sessions. Contact Stacey about your upcoming bundle of joy and schedule a newborn session with LaCoursiere Photography.

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