"Attention Target Shoppers, please cover your kids' ears." Shoppers at a Target store in Campbell, CA were surprised when out of nowhere the retailer's public address speaker system started blaring what sounded like audio from an adult film.

Gina, a shopper at the store during the time of the incident, explained that others in the store offered help in covering the ears of her twin children as the sounds came over the speaker system. Her account on Facebook explained that store employees frantically ran around trying to figure out where it was coming from, and picked up and attempted to use store intercom phones to block the sound, which sporadically worked. In all, the incident lasted several minutes.

Some shoppers reportedly laughed at the incident, while others expressed concern with employees, left the store in disgust, or simply whipped out their phones to capture the moment.

You can see videos of the incident below. Be aware that while there are no obscene visuals, you may want to turn your speakers down if you're at work or around others that may not appreciate the sounds described above.