First Avenue is one of the most famous landmarks in the Twin Cities and for the last 45 years has been the home for some great live music, and the backdrop for the movie "Purple Rain."

But, a few weeks ago chunks of the ceiling came raining down during a show temporarily closing the famous venue. Many fans of the venue itself were disappointed that some of the shows had been moved to other locations, saying their is no Place like First Avenue. Well, thankfully all of the old sheet rock has been removed from the ceiling and the staff are ready to roll with a show tonight: Grrrl Prty with Bionik, @ 9 p.m.

When I lived in the Twin Cities we would go to First Avenue all the time, and it was great to see some of your favorite artists in such an intimate setting. At least the staff at First Avenue have a sense of humor saying that with the mess from cleaning up all the fallen sheet rock the place has probably never been cleaner!