If you were a child or even an impressionable adult of the 90's you may remember some of the crazy fashions . Well they have now been officially classified as Vintage!

If this is making you feel old, join the club. I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of some popular fashions/looks from the 90's. ENJOY!

1) Hypercolor T-shirts. (See picture) How many times were you walking down the hall when someone felt compelled to slap your back to leave a hand print on your shirt?

2.) Mom Jeans: These jeans are still going strong with high waist and special curves, (Attention Jessica Simpson). I still see women wearing these all the time, and I guess these don't seem that offensive in the scheme of things. Better for a mom to be wearing these than some hip hugger jeans that she borrowed from her daughter.

3) The Rat Tail- I hate to say it but this look still exists on some kids and adults in the Northland. Yikes! This is a few strands of hair at the base of the back of your head. Some people wear it as a pony or braid while the rest of their hair is cut very short. Not a good look in the 90's or now.

4) Grunge: Yuck, everyone that subscribed to this fashion looked dirty to me.  I own 3 pairs of Dr. Martens boots, but I do not and never will own a lumberjack shirt. Nor will I ever wear black leggings under my jeans. Loved the music, hated the look!