Given the fact that Duluth has been voted one of the best outdoor cities in the U.S. many Northlanders love to take advantage of all it has to offer this time of year. Add kids in the mix, and you really need to b prepared at all times.

I remember vividly when the kids were younger having water noodles, beach towels, bags and all sorts of other treasures in my car all summer long. Every time we would go to the beach for a day, it was like launching a rocket to make sure we grabbed everything. I came across this great article and it makes so much sense to just have a spot in the trunk or back of the Mini Van or SUV for all of this stuff.

1.) Lightweight Jacket or Fleece: Yep need one of those all summer, we all know how quickly the temps can drop.

2.) An extra pair of pants, shorts underwear and socks: accidents happen and kids love water and puddles too.

3.) Swimsuit and water shoes: Kids are immune to how cold Lake Superior is, so always be prepared. Plus kids are so flexible they can change in the car no problem.