If you are a parent and happen to get down on the floor your kids will hop on you like some playground equipment, or you become a human horse, well someone decided to capitalize on this.

Welcome to the world of Pony Up Daddy, a product that is a strap on saddle for dad or mom so the kids can jump on your back and hang on as you crawl around on all fours indoors or out.

Now yes I see how kids would think this is super fun and does make it somewhat easier on the parent, but jeez with a special saddle made just for this playtime you are going to have a hard time explaining to your kids that mom or dad needs a little rest.

If you are evil this would be a great present to give to your brother or sister who have kids, but don't expect to be invited to their house for the Holidays unless you want to become a human pony ride too. This product is the real deal available on their website and Amazon.