While on vacation at a family cabin on Lake Mille Lacs, former Duluth TV (and current KARE 11) weather dude Sven Sundgaard woke up with a bat on his face. Sundgaard says he didn't feel a bite on his face, chasing the bat out of the cabin after the disgusting wake-up call. 

While he feels pretty certain he wasn't bitten, one of his co-workers at KARE 11 informed him bats are the most common transmitters of rabies to humans. After that revelation, Sven sought the advice of a doctor; who offered the need for rabies shots. After seeking a second opinion, and getting the same answer, Sven started his series of shots for rabies. He even shared this photo on Twitter after one of his rounds of shots, which are generally delivered in the rear:

The lesson Sven wants others to learn from his story is that if you have an encounter with a bat (or any other animal that could transmit rabies), it is a very good idea to capture the animal for testing if at all possible. If the animal can be tested and proved to be rabies-negative, you can avoid the painful, expensive, and unnecessary series of shots he has to endure.

Rabies can be fatal in humans if not treated early. That is the reason doctors didn't want to chance avoiding treatment.


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