Having been born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee I know all about Wisconsin Pride, and how it goes beyond the Green Bay Packers or a foam Cheesehead.

John Mitchell who grew up in Cameron Wisconsin, and is now a resident of California is a film maker who decided it would be interesting to do a documentary on the history of the legendary foam cheesehead, which is most often associated with Green Bay Packers fans. But, once he started getting into it he realized he had way more to talk about then just that.

I know from my own experience growing up in the Dairy State, especially in Southern Wisconsin the biggest rivalry was with people from Illinois. Not just Bears fans but the people in general. This was compounded by the fact that my mom grew up in a North Suburb if Chicago, and so we had a rivalry all ready built into our home.

Mitchell hopes to have a DVD for sale after the first of the year and hopes to donate a copy to every library in the state. I can tell you that this is one documentary I would definitely watch since it is infused with some humor as well. For more information on this documentary and all of Mitchell's work Click Here.