Tonight on the FOX 21 news at nine you may have seen a super human reach from Chief Meteorologist Jason Sydejko.

Look closely at the "studio" window where Dan Hanger and Diane Alexander are introducing Sydejko, who is in the "weather center," you can clearly see Jason move a little and his finger magically appears in the studio.

Having been in the FOX 21 studio before, I can tell you that it is VERY small, just look at the building their located in when you drive by on London road, you're not getting a very big studio in that tiny shack, and you're certainly not going to fit a studio and a "weather center" of the size they show behind Sydejko.

Of course this isn't the first time a local newscast used the "magic" of a green screen to give the illusion of being somewhere they aren't, remember the NNC wearing their jackets indoors during the Christmas City of the North Parade?


Jason Sydejko responded to Fingergate 2014 with a tweet:

and Dan Hanger explained that there was NO green screen magic in play, just a VERY small studio and some new camera angles: