Shark Week is coming!!!  Since the Discovery Channel first started Shark Week back in 1987, 72 countries now look forward to a week full of...shark shows.  In honor of Shark Week, (which starts on Sunday, August 4th,) I've found a few things you may want to scope out and perhaps purchase on to help make your Shark Week celebrations that much more enjoyable.

Jaws Inspired Skirt (The big Jaws head right between my legs?  Well, sign me up!)

Photo Prop Cape for Baby or Shower Gift  For those who want to celebrate Shark Week with their baby dolls.

Hand Painted Shark High Heels Sharks love skateboards!

Customizable Crocheted Shark Slipper Socks! For colder climates.  Those who celebrate Shark Week in warmer parts of the world may not want to snuggle up with these babies on in August.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite item you can find on  A "light flow" reusable cloth pad.  I have no words.


Congratulations on choosing cloth menstrual pads and making your time of the month as enjoyable as possible!

Cloth pads are more comfortable, more breathable, more absorbent, more cost-efficient, and more eco-friendly than disposable pads. And they’re so easy to take care of!

Many women report shorter, less crampy cycles with cloth due to the lack dioxins that irritate the uterus present in disposables.

So your pocketbook, your planet, and your body will thank you!

If that doesn't say, "I'm now officially ready for Shark Week" I don't know what does.