I've always had pretty good vision and I've never had to wear glasses or contacts, but today all that is changing, thanks Obama old age.

Over the last several weeks I've had some noticeable vision problems and my right eye has been hurting, so I finally decided to go get my vision checked today and the next thing I know, I'm picking out glasses.

The doctor tells me around the age of 40 our vision starts to go bad, and guess what? I turn 40 in July, so there you have it, my first "old age" problem. Next thing you know an AARP card will show up at my door!

I am pretty excited to see what a difference the glasses will make, I was shocked by the difference when I was with the doctor trying to figure out my prescription.

Do you have any advice for me? Did you have to get glasses later in life, or have you had them for years?