Have you heard of etsy.com?  It's a great website where you can sell just about anything. It's geared toward those who are crafty and make their own products to sell in their online store.  Think of it as a online craft sale.  I love the description of this item the most.

"Hippie Handmade Wedding Gown! Perfect for the unconventional Bride! The ethnic/hippie/goddess!

I made this dress for myself in case the man my astrologer told me I was going to marry was a hippie guy. Turns out he was-years back. We got married in a friend’s garden-me in a WHITE dress, him in a grey suit.

Anyway, this lovingly embroidered, appliquéd handmade dress has never been worn. Holds all the magic that led me to find my one true love….

Bust size is best at 36 inches. Long flowing sleeve of 26” flutters down over your hands. Length of gown from nape of neck to hem is 49 inches. Waistline floats under the Empire waist bodice.

Made from a folk pattern bought at a fantasy convention. A traditional Afghani Nomad design—Looked great on Swedish me…Made from several floral patterned cotton fabrics, appliques, and hand embroidery.

Since this is YOUR WEDDING DRESS! Please feel free to ask me questions!"

Now I have a few friends that I would consider "hippies."  However, I don't think any of them would ever buy this "wedding dress."  Ever.  But for those that are thrifty, it IS only $150.00