Giant Goldfish are taking over Lake Tahoe and some people who dumped them there may be to blame.

We all here of people purchasing pets like snakes and even alligators who then decide they are to much to deal with and release them to fend for themselves.In Lake Tahoe these tiny little pets are now growing to a massive size. The saying goes a fish will grow to the size of their environment, and by the looks of some of these goldfish that is no joke.

It kind of makes me wonder when I think back when I was a kid and I had goldfish, as I would sit for hours and watch them swim around the bowl. Ahh the potential of how big they could have gotten.

In all seriousness, this is becoming a big problem and could cause some issues for the population of other fish in the lake and be harmful to the environment. Bottom line, people need to be responsible with any pet they purchase, even a tiny little goldfish.