I must confess that I am obsessed with monkey's and I love Gorilla's ! When I lived in the Twin Cities I used to go to Como Zoo at least twice a month and watch the Gorilla's for hours....it's amazing how they stare right back at you like, "what are you looking at?"


A gorilla has achieved fame for walking upright on his hind legs like a human at a British animal park.

Ambam, a Western lowland gorilla, was filmed strolling about his enclosure by animal researcher Johanna Watson.

She posted the clip on YouTube, where it has been viewed by more than 250,000 people.

Ambam, a 21-year-old silverback, is part of a bachelor group of the critically endangered animals at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, which is run by an international conservation charity, The Aspinall Foundation.

Gorilla keeper Phil Ridges said Ambam, who now weighs 485 pounds, had been hand-reared at another animal park when he was a one-year-old for several months because he was ill.