Well it looks like we'll have to wait to buy these explosive fireworks, because Minnesota Governor and babysitter Mark Dayton vetoed a new law that would expand the kinds of fireworks sold in the state to include aerial fireworks vs. the lame sparklers and fountains currently available.

Citing safety as his primary deciding factor, Dayton said in a letter about the veto "government's foremost responsibility to protect the safety and the well-being of its citizens."

This is a typical response from a big government liberal. Government can't take care of everyone all the time, it's called personal responsibility! If a kid blows a finger off because his parents didn't teach him or her that fireworks are dangerous and should only be handled by adults or because an irresponsible parent left fireworks accessible to their kids, it's not governments fault, it's the parents fault. And even beyond that, accidents happen, its life. You can't put everyone in a bubble and keep them safe.

Should we ban driving or boating? Both kill more than fireworks each year in the state.  Good thing I live in Wisconsin, come on over and we'll shoot off some cool fireworks and celebrate FREEDOM!!