When i was a kid I had zero recollection of my dad ever having to scale a giant ladder to clean out our gutters. but, then again we had a 2 story colonial salt box house, and we did not have any trees towering above our home. This  August we will have been in our house for 5 years, and I have learned a lot about the joys and occasional pains of owning a home. My dilemma now is our stuffed gutter problem. The culprit is the gutters above our garage stuffed with leaves from our neighbors tree. I should have known this would happen again this summer, but kept my fingers crossed. A very good friend of mine jumped up on our roof last time, but I don't want him to risk life and limb again to get the clutter. So, since I am afraid of heights time to open up the wallet and call a professional to play spiderman and help us out. In the scheme of things with all the people in the south reeling form those horrible tornadoes, or in Japan, I really feeling very lucky  that a few leaves are my main source of aggravation with our home right now.