Gym Class Heroes debuted their brand new single ‘A– Back Home’ with redheaded gypsy chanteuse Neon Hitch on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ this past Thursday (Dec. 8.) The song is reggae-flavoredand will transport port you to the islands, Rihanna-style, if only for four minutes. But it’s just as catchy as the smash hit ‘Stereo Hearts,’ which embeds itself in to your cranium after one listen.

Ever-stylin’ singer Travie McCoy, with his classic cardigan, looked like your average college kid as he performed the song with Miss Hitch, who was draped in a flowy, sheet-like, printed dress and head gear that made her look like something out of a dream.

You know, we wouldn’t be shocked if there was something a lil’ romantical going on between McCoy and Neon Hitch, with how they looked at each other while performing. The perf crackled with sexuality and flirtation, especially on McCoy’s party. He had that whole “undressing you with my eyes” thing going on. Maybe he was as flabbergasted as we were by Neon Hitch’s strange “dress” or that’s just how he does his thang. Whatever the case, it surely sizzled … especially when Neon Hitch ended the song with “Get your a– home.”

McCoy replied, I’m home, mama.” Mmm hmm!

Watch Gym Class Heroes Perform ‘Ass Back Home’ With Neon Hitch

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