Half court shots are not easy to make. That's why during halftime games, there are contests where people compete for prizes--sink a half court shot and win a free t-shirt and a year supply of pizza. This time it was a little different.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Monday night Fairfield was playing Loyola and fan won the opportunity to sink a half-court shot for a free car from a local Chevy dealer. He gripped the ball, took a hop-step forward, and actually made the half court shot! Yay! Free car, right?

Maybe not. Some said his foot may have gone over the imaginary half-court line.

A few days later, this story does have a happy ending for the guy who made the shot: the local Chevy dealers stepped up and didn't wait for the insurance company to make its verdict. They gave him the car, a Chevy Cruze. The dealership said "it was the right thing to do."

What do you think?  Over the line?  Should he get the car?