50 percent of Americans said they'd use their smartphone to take secret video of others doing silly, sexy or gross things.  Half??  That seems high!

The Harris Interactive poll questioned more than 2,000 people, 18 and older.  Researchers asked "who and what" people would record secretly if given the chance.

Here's what they said:

23 percent: "People in embarrassing outfits"

20 percent: "Athletes at a sporting event"

15 percent: "Someone tripping/falling" — of course, this wouldn't happen to you.

10 percent: "Sexy waitress at a restaurant"

9 percent: "Shirtless hunk mowing the neighbor’s lawn"

7 percent: Cheerleaders

7 percent: "Boss or coworker sneaking a second doughnut."   What about the third doughnut?

6 percent: "Disgusting grooming habits" — Yes, you know what those are.

5 percent: "Couple kissing or making out"

8 percent: "other"

Have you ever taken a "secret" picture of someone with your smartphone?  Come on...you can tell me.  I can keep a secret! :)