The hardest job on the planet hands down. I still am in awe of how my Mom did it.  5 kids are you kidding?  She had help from my dad of course, but  thinking back what an amazing woman with an incredibly hard job.

Laura and I were talking this morning about tips on what to get your Mom for mothers day. As a kid we usually made things at school. but as you get older the challenge becomes even more daunting.  The best advice from our list we read was, sit down and think about her hobbies and likes. Just let her know you appreciate all she does and how much you care about her. That will be the best gift she can get. My Mom has been gone for a little over 8 years now,

but Mothers Day still has a special place in my heart of course, with the memories of what a great Mom she was to me and my brothers and sisters. I can't send her funny cards, which she loved, but I can try and be the best person I can be. That is my tribute to my Mom this Mothers Day.