When it comes to 140-character communication, Harry Styles is not a very engaging tweeter.

No, that doesn't mean he's snoozy or boring with thumb-driven messages. In fact, he is quite entertaining and often random with his digital transmissions. However, a new study -with statistics! -- claims that Hazza is the least engaging celebrity tweeter, meaning he doesn't directly connect with his followers.

The One Direction member has nearly 17 million followers and a new report from Fickle (via Yahoo!) claims that he only replies to one tweet per 333,333 tweets he receives.

Since Styles has millions of followers, there is no possible way that he can reply to each tweet he receives. Even so, he doesn't reply to many of them to begin with.

He needs a Twitter assistant, but that wouldn't be a direct engagement with Harry, now would it?

Oh digital modes of communication...you are a cruel mistress.

Other non-engaging celebs? Miley Cyrus, who replies to one tweet per 188,500; Justin Bieber, who replies to one tweet per 166,666; and Taylor Swift, who replies to one tweet per 28,333.

Again, in their defense, these celebs can't sort through ALL the tweets that come their way. They have to work, perform, do interviews and live life.

Some recent random Hazza tweets are below. They're entertaining. If you don't already follow him, but decide you want to start, expect to giggle here and there, but don't expect to connect with him.

Note: The fields tweet got over 70,000 RTs. Why?!