After a devastating injury on Christmas Eve in the 2011 NFL season; "incredible" is the only word that seems to fit Adrian Peterson, his recovery, and his 2012 performance. Peterson continues to inch closer to breaking Eric Dickerson's single-season NFL rushing record and keeps breaking personal and team records as he shows the world that an injury that has ended some careers will not slow him down.

In this weekend's game against the St. Louis Rams, Peterson rushed for 212 yards and one touchdown, which came on an 82-yard run. That 82-yard dash is tied for Peterson's longest NFL run, with the other 82-yard rush coming earlier in the 2012 season.

After the game, Peterson talked to the press about the run and how it almost didn't happen. See his commentary and an on-the-field view of the run below.

Watch Adrian Peterson Talk About His 82-Yard Touchdown Against the Rams